Of course a Puerto Rican Christmas Dinner would not be complete with out a Puerto Rican Coconut Egg Nog (Coquito) which is a favorite rum laced beverage on Christmas day.

Simple Traditional Puerto Rican Coquito.


1.  One can of cream of coconut (Coco Lopez).  2. One can of milk of coconut (Coco Lopez).  3. One can of evaporated milk.  4. One spoon of powdered cinnamon.  5.  One spoon of grated Chocolate Cortes. 

Mix the above ingredients well, cool and serve, use white rum to your taste or serve alone.  This makes about one quart of Coquito, but if I were you, I would make half a gallon,  people will ask for more and more.

Hmmm, Delicious!

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